100% natural oil blends


From the beginning....

My name's Rebecca and I'm a girl who's fallen back in love with my curls. I launched Moisture In Abundance (MIA) in November 2016 after becoming more conscious about what I was using on my hair and body and experiencing great benefits resulting from using natural oils on my hair. When I was a teenager I used to straighten my hair every day and it got pretty damaged, but with commitment to changing my routine and treating my hair with our oil blends the quality of my curls has returned. I've always loved cosmetics branding and worked in marketing for some time before combining my two interested to bring MIA to you guys.







... To the present

I now work as a model full time alongside MIA and this means that my hair often goes through extreme heat styling. I've designed our range not only for the natural hair group but also for those who want to heat style their hair and retain moisture. Since the launch of MIA we have been featured in a number of subscription boxes and niche sites for natural hair. We've been growing continuously and our reviews and feedback have been absolutely amazing. It's been a blessing to share our brand with you and I hope that we continue to grow by providing you with products that you love.

Thank you so much for running your business with integrity! It’s refreshing to purchase from a company that are understanding and flexible.
— Ja'net at @zoe_model_official

Our Ingredients

All of our oil blends are 100% natural, paraben free, SLS free, alcohol free and free from artificial fragrances. We use Vitamin E to naturally extend shelf life in most of our products which doubles as an extra moisture boost. We stick to simple, minimal blends that are gentle and effective, tried and tested. We hope that you enjoy them!

Our Packaging

Our entire packaging range is sourced in the UK, our labels are printed within the same city that MIA was founded in. Our plastic bottles are made of BPA free PET plastic which is fully recyclable and light weight which makes them more fuel efficient to deliver.  All of our bottles are amber in colour and this helps to minimise the amount of light that your oils come into contact with, maintaining their quality for longer.

Our Passion

When you shop with us, you shop small. That means that every purchase you make means something, really means something. We work really hard to grow our brand and develop better products, every customer and every order means the world to us and we want to keep it that way.