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What You're Saying About MIA

Our products are entirely results focussed, each product has a purpose and we want our customers to be delighted. Considering trying MIA for the first time? Take a look at the results that some of our customers have experienced.


Simran - Scalp & Hair Rescue Set

I live in Singapore, which is always hot and humid, and I have low porosity 2c/3a hair. These oils are incredible and really help my hair and scalp! They smell like a spa and are so lightweight, while still moisturising my hair and scalp. The scalp treatment oil, in particular, has been a godsend because I have a very dry scalp and this oil is really soothing. The hair oil truly penetrates my hair and after cleansing, it feels soft, moisturised and smooth. Will definitely repurchase! 



Lizza (@lizzatrif) - Moisture Therapy Oil

The hair oil is really great! I have wavy, long, pretty dry hair and as soon as I applied this my curls came to life again. Beautiful! And thank you girls for the handwritten note!



Elaine - Scalp & Hair Rescue Set

I've been using the MIA duo for a few weeks now and can honestly say that it has replaced my old self mixed oil blends for both my nightly scalp massages and pre-poo. I am a big believer is using essential oils to care for my naturally curly hair as it keeps my scalp clean and healthy, helps condition and protects my delicate curls from the sometimes harsh process of wash days (manipulation is a killer for curls). The blends are expertly mixed, of really high quality and the packaging is not only gorgeous but practical. I love the dropper for the scalp treatment bottle and the pump action for the moisture therapy bottle is so much easier to use without making a mess. Will definitely be buying again....If it ever runs out!



Viola - Moisture Therapy Oil

Given that I'm searching for such products for my naturally curly hair for ages now, I was not too convinced that this one would actually be it, but it turns out to be absolutely amazing! It was shipped to Germany within 3 days maximum, it smells fantastic and really helps detangling my fizzy hair, making it look and feel way healthier than before. It definitely is a treat and I can absolutely recommend it! Thank you for giving me what I was looking for!



Hannah (@hannah_banas) - Moisture Therapy

I love this hair oil. My sister got some before me; I used it once and was amazed with the results that I had to buy my own bottle. I use it as both a treatment and also a styling product once I've washed my hair. My hair is naturally curly and quite dry, I only need to use a small amount after washing as my hair isn't super thick but that just means it will last longer! :) It makes my hair lovely and curly and soft and I've had many compliments since using it. I've also recommended it to loads of friends.



Beth - Scalp Therapy Oil Treatment

I have really dry hair and scalp and this has helped a lot with that. I have really sensitive skin and often have reactions to hair care products but was fine with these, it actually even help the eczema I had on my head. I normally use coconut oil on my Hair but my hair seemed to soak up these oils better. My hair itself is much healthier and shiny, plus the oils smell amazing. Also my hair is coloured so it was great to find a treatment suitable for coloured hair.



Samantha (@iamsamanthaearle) - Moisture Therapy Oil

“Over the years I have tried a number of oils – I was excited to try the Moisture Therapy: Hair Oil Treatment, as it contains a blend of oils; which together smell amazing. The oil is lightweight and does not leave any residue on your hair or hands. Additionally, a little goes a long way – always a bonus when dealing with thick, curly hair.

Since using the Hair Oil Treatment I have found my hair to be softer, increasingly shiny and easier to manage. I have used it was as a conditioner after washing. As part of my LOC (leave-in, oil and curl booster) method. I even used it on a recent Spa Day, whereby I coated my dry hair and scalp with it. The combination of the oil and the sauna/steam rooms really defined my curls. Therefore, at home I will incorporate the use of a shower cap for a more intense treatment.

Thank you MIA for creating an oil that my hair actually likes. It truly has become a great addition to my hair care routines and product collection.”